Chart: 2016 Could Be A Record-Breaker For Legalization

More states are voting on whether to legalize medical/recreational cannabis than ever before in North American history. In fact, according to the most recent chart by the Marijuana Business Daily, there have been more legalization initiatives in the past five years than in the entire previous decade.

Out of the14 state-level legalization measures that have been put before American voters since 2010, seven have been approved by voters. Compare those numbers to those from 2000-2009, when 12 marijuana-related legalization measures that made state ballots – and only five of which passed.

According to columnists Becky Olson and John Schroyer, "the recent momentum will likely spill over into 2016, which could be a record-breaker for the industry in terms of legalization." You can check out the chart below, and the full analysis here.


Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida wants lawmakers to grow up and start let researchers study cannabis. "A lot of the older Republicans say, 'Well, there's not enough research to justify rescheduling,' and then they stand in the way of the research," Gaetz told Fox Business.

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