Chart: What Cannabis Consumers Really Care About

Cannabis consumers have a dizzying array of choices in 2016, and dispensaries and shops are looking for ways to set themselves apart in a competitive market.

However, according to a new chart by the Marijuana Business Daily, creating flashy storefronts and high-THC products aren't necessarily the way to go. According to the data, recreational cannabis consumers are mostly concerned with the quality of the inventory and being able to consult informed, helpful staff about which strain is right for them.

Here's the chart, below. You can read the full analysis from columnist Becky Olson here.


Most people know that to consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car is very dangerous — not just for the driver and passengers, but for anyone else sharing the road. For cannabis consumers, however, understanding levels of impairment is not so straightforward. To date, there is not yet a technology used by law enforcement that can accurately detect cannabis impairment similar to alcohol breathalyzers.

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