Chart: Cannabis Businesses Need An Exit Strategy

Many marijuana-related businesses are just getting off the ground, but a long-range business plan that includes an eventual exit-strategy is a smart time-investment at any stage.

The Marijuana Business Daily recently looked at the exit strategies of 55 entrepreneurs in cannabis-related fields. According to columnist Becky Olson, "developing an overall exit strategy is also a critical aspect of the fundraising process, as investors want to fully understand how they will realize a return on the money they pump into companies."

Check out the full chart, below, and Olson's analysis here.


Prime Minister-designate Boris Johnson has dabbled with illicit drugs in the past, but reforming the United Kingdom's antiquated cannabis laws probably won't be part of his future. On Monday it was officially announced that MP Boris Johnson had been elected as Leader of the Conservative Party, which means he will succeed outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May as the head of government. Johnson is expected to take a different approach to politics than his predecessor, but anyone hoping that he will push for national cannabis reform probably shouldn't hold their breath.

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