Chart: Medical Cannabis Booming in Massachusetts

According to a new chart published by Marijuana Business Daily, medical cannabis sales in Massachusetts have skyrocketed since the state opened three new dispensaries.

The first dispensary, Alternative Therapies Group, opened in June. It was soon followed by In Good Health and New England Treatment Access.

"In September," writes MBD columnist Becky Olson, "the total amount of medical cannabis sold by all three dispensaries – one of which didn't even open until the end of that month – was more than double the amount sold by Alternative Therapies in August, according to statistics released by the state's Executive Office of Health and Human Services."

Month-over-month increases in the number of transactions jumped from about 1,100 in August to nearly 8,000 in September and a massive 26,000 in October.

Check out the chart below - and Olson's full analysis here.

Banner Image by Flickr User lgh75


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