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Charlize Theron Admits She Was a 'Wake-and-Baker' Most of Her Life

It's pretty well-known that many people in Hollywood are actually secret stoners, and yet very few of them are willing to admit it. But Charlize Theron is not reluctant about it at all.

In an interview with E! News, Theron admitted to being an avid marijuana user when she was younger. She said, “I was a wake-and-baker for most of my life." She says that she didn't try cannabis until she was older, although she didn't say when she actually started using it.

“I really appreciated marijuana way more than alcohol or anything else,” Theron said. “My chemistry was really good with it when I was younger and then it just changed one day. Like, in my early 30s I just became boring on it and I would just stand in front of my fridge, so that’s no good.”

While Theron says she previously stopped using marijuana, she's actually interested in starting again. She mainly wants to use cannabis to help sleep better.

“I’m open to retrying it again because now there’s all these different strains and you can be specific with it,” Theron said. “And I’m actually really interested because I have really bad insomnia, and I’d much rather get off sleeping pills and figure out a strain that helps me sleep better. So when I have a moment, I’m actually doing that with my mom. My mom has really bad sleep too.”

She should ask Seth Rogen for some tips!

(h/t Page Six)


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