Charlize Theron: Smoking Weed Turns Seth Rogen into ‘Einstein'

Charlize Theron admits that "I’m in movies where I get killed or I kill", so her latest turn in the Seth Rogen-starring rom-com ‘Long Shot’ is a bit of a change of pace for her. 

The movie tells the story of the US Secretary of State (Theron) who falls in love with a journalist-turned-speechwriter (Rogen). This being a Seth Rogen joint, the conversation eventually came around to weed.

Fallon says Rogen "comes off as a stoner but he really puts a lot of thought into everything”. Theron agrees - and then some.

Apparently, after Seth smokes up, “it was like I was in the presence of …Einstein. It was off the charts.”

Theron even recounts following him around some days and going, “please smoke.”

Check out the full interview below. Theron also tells a story about how one of her kids likes to practice martial arts on her assistant. Sounds like there’s a new action hero in town...

Banner Image: Mike Coppola / GettyImages


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