What Your Breakfast Cereal Reveals About Your Personality

Whether it's a bachelor's dinner of Shreddies after a crazy-hectic day, Captain Crunch with the kids, or a pre-workout fuel-up of Kashi and blueberries, North Americans love their processed grains. In 2008, total breakfast cereal sales were over $13.3-billion in the U.S. alone.

Like your tie, car, or preferred rolling papers, that seemingly-innocuous box can tell us a lot about your personality. Here's our totally-scientific, objective look at some of the options.

Honey Nut Cheerios. "Nobody can say No to Honey Nut Cheerios:" Indeed, it's been one of America's best-selling breakfast cereals since the 1970s. Sweet enough for kids, pseudo-healthy enough for adults: it says you're pragmatic, and not overly concerned with trends. Also, you may have a thing for anthropomorphic bees.


Raisin Bran. If any breakfast cereal screams "responsible adulthood," it's Raisin Bran. Bland, milk-absorbing, high-fibre flakes keep you regular, while the raisins inject a tiny bit of pizazz and excitement, maybe? Wow, being a grown-up is depressing. At least your mutual funds are in good shape.


Grape Nuts. The next phase in life after Raisin Bran is Grape Nuts. Then, it's basically all over.


Frosted Flakes. Like Honey Nut Cheerios, sugar-coated corn flakes say you're not quite ready to resign yourself to the Raisin Bran/Grape Nuts years quite yet. You're young at heart enough to still be susceptible to cartoon mascots and sports-oriented marketing campaigns. Beware, however, of indulging in the gr-r-r-reat taste of frosties too often: they received a distressing two stars out of five on the Australian Government's health star ratings.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You're a little sweet, a little spicy: you don't have a problem swinging through the McDonald's drive-thru a few times a week, either, if that's what you're feeling. You do what you want. And we suspect that you're also cool with grabbing a handful of dry cereal out of the box if you're feeling peckish. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is like crack, man.


Muesli. Sales of the raw oat, grain, and fruit mixture have climbed in each of the past nine years: if you're into the organic, healthy taste and branding, you've got a bit of extra flow, healthy aspirations, and (probably) your shit together. Congrats.


Despite all this, you might want to put the cereal away altogether . One study found that in homes where cereal packages were left on the counter top, the occupants tended to weigh 20lbs more than those who kept the boxes (if they had any) tidied away.

h/t The Guardian, The Washington Post


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