Celebrate R.E.M.'s Milestone Break Into Mainstream With This Deluxe Album

Twenty-five years ago, indie rock band R.E.M. broke into the mainstream and tore up the music charts with the release of the Grammy Award winning album Out of Time, which included hits like the melancholic Losing My Religion and the infectious Shiny Happy People. You can celebrate that milestone with the album's deluxe release on Friday.

The deluxe edition includes eight music videos as well as live recordings of the album's tracks, which are rare because R.E.M. didn't go on tour to promote the album. The re-release also includes demo versions that will make you look at classic songs in a new light. Here's how it originally sounded.


Not earth-shattering, but diehard fans will know the difference, especially in the lyrics. But the acoustic version of "Radio Song" is completely different - some might even say superior - than the standard album version. Have a listen to both and compare.


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Other tracks went by completely different names when they were demos. "Half a World Away" was originally called "Blackbirds," and "Endgame" was dubbed "Slow Sad Rocker" at first - which arguably captures the mood of the song better.

On top of the bonus features, the re-release comes in a special case that looks like a book you could shelve next to your copies of Michael Stipe's 10 favorite reads. Check out this virtual unboxing for more.

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