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Major Study Launched On Effectiveness Of CBD Compared To Prescription Meds

A massive study by medical marijuana company HelloMD and market research firm Brightfield Group will explore the effectiveness of CBD-only cannabis products as an alternative to prescribed medication.

Using the largest patient sample size to date, researchers are hoping to glean insights from over 150,000 registered participants on CBD patient demographics, applications, psychographics and perceived efficacy.

"There is a skepticism towards many of today's CBD products, and a confusion over how to identify which of them actually do anything at all," said Dr. Perry Solomon, chief medical officer of HelloMD, in a press release.

"This survey offers an opportunity to establish some baselines around perceptions, concerns and successes from which we can build on going forward."

Considering the growing market share for CBD products, added Brightfield Group director of research Bethany Gomez, “it’s time to understand more about the user’s experience.”

"Who is using CBD? Are they using Hemp or whole plant or CBD only? Are these products perceived as effective in comparison with THC dominant products, prescription drugs and opioids or over-the-counter medications? This collaboration with HelloMD will move us closer to answering these critical questions,” said Gomez.

This survey follows HelloMD’s major ‘Medical Marijuana Patient Survey Results’ study of 17,000 patients, conducted in January 2016.

A comprehensive and free report summarizing the insights gained from this new survey will be completed and published by mid-June.


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