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Taking Your Carnival Experience To New Heights: Cannabis-Infused Cotton Candy Is Here

There’s no greater sugar high than that delivered by a big fluffy cloud of cotton candy.

And now, thanks to B-Edibles, you can soar even higher with every mouth-watering bite.

The San Diego-based edible company has just launched a line of cannabis-infused candy floss using 100mg vials of lab-tested CO2 solvent-less extractions.

The flosses – which admittedly might be a bit strong for newcomers to edibles – are made with “naturally gluten and allergen-free, non-GMO organic sugar” and include flavors like rose, watermelon, lavender and apple.

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If there are no cannabis-friendly carnivals coming to a town near you anytime soon, you can hire B-Edibles representatives to spin the “one of a kind treat” at pretty much any kind of event you can dream up.

“You'll find the experience entrancing,” reads the company’s website, adding that, "our hand spun cotton candy can be made with and without infusion to your guests preferences.”

We can't think of a better way to consume way too much sugar. 

h/t Metro UK


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