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Carl's Jr. Will Make You a CBD-Infused Burger on 4/20

The West Coast burger chain Carl's Jr is testing out a new CBD-topped burger on marijuana's big day.

Colorado fast food-lovers are going to get a special treat this 4/20. A single Carl's Jr. location in Denver is going to make burger history when they become the first national fast food chain to get in to the marijuana game with the introduction of their Rocky Mountain High Cheese Burger Delight.

The new burger will feature a spicy Santa Fe sauce that has been infused with the non-intoxicating cannabis compound CBD. So while the burger won't actually help you get your 4/20 high, it will probably be a pretty damn good addition to your sesh.

However, you shouldn't be too disappointed if you do miss out on the limited time burger. Carl's Jr. senior vice president of brand marketing Patty Trevino says that if the burger does well, it could find its way to the permanent menu in the future.

Now, Carl's Jr. certainly isn't the first restaurant to put CBD in their food, but they do appear to be the first major fast food chain to do so. CBD has quickly become the health and wellness product du jour and Trevino said putting it on their menu shows they're ahead of the competition.

"It is something that feels right for the brand," she told CNN Business. "We are all about innovation."

Of course, even if the burger does do well enough for Carl's Jr. to keep it around, burger fiends outside of Colorado could still be out of luck for a while. Officials in a number of states have begun cracking down on restaurants selling CBD-infused foods, as the popular cannabis product has not yet been cleared by the FDA as a safe food additive.

Though we don't expect any of that to stop Carl's Jr. for selling a whole lot of their cannabis-infused burgers this Saturday.


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