Carlos Santana Says 'More People Taking LSD' Would Make The World A Better Place

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana wants to get back to the good old days - no, not when families in the 50s raised their 2.5 kids in picket-fenced houses. He meant the 60s, when people expanded their minds with LSD, peyote and other hallucinogens that Santana thinks are the perfect prescription to cure modern malaise.

"For me, '67 means something that's not happening right now that should be happening, which is more people taking LSD, peyote and mescaline," Santana told Rolling Stone. "More people discarding plastic values. Even Cary Grant was taking LSD. It's therapeutic. Under supervision, people will be better."

And he wasn't telling tall tales about the Hollywood icon. Actor Cary Grant used LSD for therapeutic reasons about 100 times from 1958-1961. But he never dropped acid quite like Santana, who once peaked under the "supervision" of 400,000 fans at Woodstock in 1969. 

"That was basically some of the highest I've been in front of so many people. To peak with LSD or peyote in front of 400,000 people, you almost have no control of anything."

Which might sound like a cautionary tale, but he said that he'd be up for doing it all again when he plays Woodstock 50 in 2019. "I'm not afraid. Seriously, I'll do it if you do it," he told Rolling Stone writer David Browne.


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