19 Caribbean Countries Could Legalize Marijuana in the Near Future

After Canada officially legalized recreational marijuana, people have wondered where cannabis might become fully legal next. Well it turns out it's right here in North America.

Members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), an organization that contains Jamaica, Haiti, Barbados and other countries in the Caribbean, announced that they will be looking to review marijuana's status in their countries with hopes to reclassify the drug. They cited the costs of criminalization as well as the potential economic benefits from legalizing the drug.

This doesn't necessarily mean these countries will legalize the drug. However, the 19 heads of state in attendance at the CARICOM meeting signed a release saying they approved of this direction and exploring decriminalization policies. So while they may not go as far as Canada to legalize the drug recreationally, they do seem committed to at least lower penalties related to marijuana.

The only issue is how changing their marijuana laws could affect international agreements in treaties. Many of these countries have signed agreements saying they'd keep cannabis illegal, including agreements with the United States. But considering several states in America are legalizing the drug, and Canada, one of America's biggest trade partners, is doing so as well, that may not be as big of a concern.

So Jamaica may finally legalize marijuana, even though most people already think they do.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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