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Canopy Growth Just Launched Their Canopy Rivers IPO

Canopy Rivers (TSXV:RIV) - The business venturing arm of Canopy Growth - has officially listed on the TSX Venture Exchange as TSXV:RIV. Canopy Rivers promises to have a major impact on small-scale and developing companies in the cannabis sector.

This listing comes on the heels of Canopy Growth’s recent $5 billion investment from Constellation Brands, one of the world’s largest alcohol producers.

Canopy Growth has experienced a meteoric rise in both prestige and capital investment since its inception in 2014. Since then, the company has built a solid track record of attracting quality personnel and making sound, forward-thinking business decisions that have led it to become one of the largest and most valuable cannabis companies on the market. It's no surprise that many established and up-and-coming cannabis companies look to the Canopy brand for its expertise, business acumen and resources.

What makes Canopy Rivers unique is their diverse investment approach. By investing in companies that have strategic positions across the cannabis eco-system, Rivers is creating a vertically and horizontally integrated portfolio across all facets of the cannabis industry. By investing in cultivators, media companies, and retailers. When combined each asset creates an end-to-end seed-to-sale supply chain.

The key to Rivers success will be their ability to find the best early-stage companies with the greatest potential and preparing them for long term growth.

Canopy Rivers is currently sitting on $104 million worth of funds, and is looking to deploy that capital ranging between $250,000 and $10 million.

Organizations working with Canopy Rivers will not only receive the necessary capital to move their brand forward, but they will also be given access to the same quality management team that has made Canopy Growth a continued success.

Canopy Rivers will, in effect, serve as a sort of facilitator, providing capital to these companies. If these investments prove successful, the prosperous companies could be uniquely positioned for up-listing to Canopy Growth’s portfolio.

With the new Canopy Rivers venture, companies will get a designated point of contact for investment with a clear link to Canopy Growth’s high-end management and overarching influence within the industry.

Watch five companies compete for $1 million of Canopy Rivers investment capital from the 2018 ICBC event in Vancouver.


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