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Giant Cannon Used to Launch Marijuana Over the Border Seized by Law Enforcement

With the United States government investing billions of dollars into the War on Drugs, smugglers have had to become a little more creative in figuring out how to get their illicit products into America. But his might be the craziest yet.

Mexican authorities in the state of Sonora announced that they had seized a giant cannon-like artillery piece used by drug cartels to launch marijuana across the border in the United States. The cannon consisted of a giant steel pipe placed in the back of a minivan along with an air compressor that allowed smugglers to launch the drugs through the pipe into Arizona. Along with the cannon, authorities also seized 825 kilograms (about 1,800 pounds) of marijuana. 

This isn't the first time Mexican authorities have seized a marijuana cannon. Last September they found another 10-foot pipe in a minivan that was capable of launching 60 pound bundles of cannabis across the border.

Besides the makeshift cannons, drug smugglers have used secret tunnels, light airplanes, medieval style catapults as well as stuff their products into watermelons, breast implants and other unusual items. 

Perhaps the biggest lesson to learn from these stories is that no matter what the United States government does to prevent drugs from coming into the country, smugglers will always figure out a way around it. No matter how many billions of dollars are pumped into border security, there will always be holes that cartels will exploit. So we might as well figure out a way to cripple the drug trafficking industry in another way such as...I don't know...marijuana legalization, perhaps?

(h/t RT)


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