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Canndescent Writes a New Chapter in Cannabis History with the Stylus Vape Pen

Nowadays, if you live in LA and work in "the industry" that could mean you work in film — or, in cannabis. For Chelsea Handler, it's both. On Saturday night at The Montalbán Theater in Hollywood, Derek Riedle, publisher of Civilized, introduced Adrian Sedlin, founder of luxury cannabis brand Canndescent, who was joined by the comedian on stage at an event to celebrate the launch of the luxury cannabis brand's Stylus vape pen.

On stage, Handler described how cannabis has become an integral part of her own lifestyle. She detailed how it has even helped her cut her drinking in half, while at typical Hollywood industry parties, alcohol use in general is decreasing as the stigma surrounding cannabis fades away.

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Of course, the way cannabis affects the user is varied, and highly personal. Canndescent gets that, and offers consumers a simple way to choose how they want to feel. Canndescent's flower and vaporizable oil cartridges come in five distinct "effects": cruise, connect, charge, create, and calm. Handler said her favorites are "calm," which has helped with her sleep issues, and "connect," a perfect strain for socializing, whether at a party with friends and colleagues, or at home with your family after a long day of work.

The some 800 party-goers at Saturday's invite-only event were mainly from the cannabis space, with a few exceptions like Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future. After all, the future of cannabis will come to include those from other industries, too, as the plant becomes more mainstream and socially accepted.

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Meanwhile, Handler, Sedlin, and Riedle were only part of the show. From a DJ on the mezzanine level to Umami Burger on the rooftop, not to mention a customized cocktail menu, a terpene (aromatic compound) ice cream demonstration, and an arcade-style claw machine for guests to win prizes, there was something for everyone in terms of entertainment.

"We were seeing everyone come from all walks of life," said Cheyne Nadeau, head of experiential at Canndescent. "Everyone in the cannabis industry was under one roof." As Canndescent takes its place as a leader in premium, adult use cannabis, he added, a party like this has been a long time coming, re-introducing the brand — and the Stylus — to the public. For those like Handler, and many of the guests on Saturday night, cannabis is a gateway to a more connected, calm, and creative lifestyle — one toward which Canndescent is easing the way.

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