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'We Believe In The Power Of Collaboration And Connectivity' - iCAN & CannaTech CEO Saul Kaye

Saul Kaye is the founder and CEO of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis and an industry advisor to the Medical Cannabis caucus of the Knesset. iCAN also established CannaTech, one of the world's leading cannabis conferences. Saul regularly consults with governments and regulators on cannabis policy change including in the EU, Gibraltar, UK, Ireland, Australia and more. 

Before he speaks at the World Cannabis Congress, we asked Saul about CannaTech and its future, and what he hopes to take away from the Congress. 

What made you interested in taking part in World Cannabis Congress?
The World Cannabis Congress focuses on key areas of the industry that we at CannaTech are very drawn to; namely policy, business, and innovation. WCC’s partnership with Civilized was a clear demonstration that this would be a high calibre and sophisticated event that would focus on knowledge sharing and not just hype as is all too common in cannabis events today. We are very much looking forward to the type of dialogue that is being presented, especially to hear Canadian industry experts weigh in on the future of cannabis in Canada and how Canada’s progress will affect the rest of the global market.

What are you looking forward to most about the event?
We are really looking forward to meeting some of the best and brightest North American thought leaders from across all sectors and tuning into their messages. We have always created our CannaTech events with the intention of promoting innovation and knowledge across all industry sectors, and we appreciate the diversity of professionals and influencers who will be presenting.

What key message are you going to bring to the congress in June?
Our mission is to expand and professionalize the global cannabis ecosystem. We firmly believe that the promotion of thought leadership across sectors such as science, finance, tech, agriculture, innovation, and policy, is the way to truly advance this industry. Our message is first to listen and to learn, and then to do our best to take that knowledge and bring it into our ecosystem so we can continue to help facilitate meaningful connections and partnerships.

What do you want attendees to take away from this event?
Ideally, everyone will walk away knowing more than they did when they arrived. We are expecting high level, accurate information to be shared and hopefully that will be internalized by the attendees. We are hoping all will gain some good connections, and a new understanding of today’s key issues; regulation and policy, the implications of adult use, and what legalization really means not just on an individual basis but for an economy and for a country. We are confident that this will be a meaningful event that will provide the platform for some wonderful partnerships.

What are you trying to accomplish with the CannaTech events? 
CannaTech is a journey into the potential verticals created by the new cannabis marketplace. Our mission is to accelerate cannabis innovation by building and developing the global cannabis ecosystem.

We are committed to the power of discovery and knowledge exchange. That commitment drives us to find the leading minds, the most current data and research, and the sharpest tools and solutions in cannabis today, and to showcase that information throughout CannaTech’s platform.

We believe in the power of collaboration and connectivity, and we have therefore shaped a powerful and sophisticated international network that is designed to accelerate innovation in cannabis and contribute to the development of quality healthcare solutions worldwide for the people who need it most.

Because of our unique location in Israel, we have our finger on the pulse of new developments out of one of the world’s foremost hotbeds of technology and innovation. As countries around the world wake to the possibilities and opportunities in cannabis medicine, we shorten the learning curve by introducing Israeli innovation to less developed countries and help them step into the cannabis space with more knowledge and confidence. Join us next time and see for yourselves!

Where will you be taking CannaTech next? Why did you choose that location? 
Our next location is in Sydney, Australia October 29-30, 2018. We chose Australia because they are quite simply ready for this conversation. Australia is on the precipice of a booming market, and they have a progressive and supportive government, not unlike Canada was positioned just a few years ago. They are thirsty for knowledge and for actionable steps. Because of their geographic location, they haven’t received the support from outside that they’ve needed to make some necessary changes, so we decided to bring the CannaTech conversation all the way Down Under. Australia has the potential to emerge as a global leader in cannabis, and we want to do our part to help the Aussies get there.


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