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CannaReps Aims To Close The Gap In Cannabis Education

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One of the biggest issues facing the cannabis industry is this: How do you adequately train people to use and recommend a plant that is still illegal in many places and prohibitively difficult to get in others? How do you connect the dots between cannabis knowledge and hands-on experience? If even scientific studies are having difficulty getting proper access to cannabis, what hope do budtenders have?

Moreover, each medical marijuana patient has a unique set of needs that requires the right cannabis product. So it's safe to say that aspiring - and even established - budtenders need practical training focused on safe, effective use for patients. And that's pretty hard to come by.

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Enter CannaReps. It's described by cannabis industry vet and seminar leader Adolfo Gonzalez as "a response to a very big gap in the cannabis education community." CannaReps is "a mentorship program" focused on practical, on-the-ground training for budtenders - the kind that can't be delivered through online courses or questionnaires. The program consists of five components: 

  • An interactive seminar featuring training and discussion;
  • The Cann Help Deck, a unique set of knowledge cards designed to help you practice and develop your product skills;
  • 6 months of one-on-one support from experienced budtenders, allowing you to learn skills faster and with confidence;
  • Monthly workshops and tasting sessions that will teach you to understand quality product and how it is used for different conditions;
  • Reading suggestions and assignments.

CannaReps' system was developed in partnership with Green Island Naturals, a cannabis product company whose lineup includes phoenix tears (called Honey Tears), tinctures, CBD capsules and more. The techniques used during CannaReps have already been tested in some of Green Island's distributors. The response has been so encouraging that they decided to offer their tools to the public.

Interested? You should secure tickets soon - there are only 200 spots available.

CannaReps happens March 25th from 10am to 4pm, at the Harbour Centre in Vancouver BC. Tickets are half-price for registered cannabis patients and healthcare practitioners. Find more info at the CannaReps website.


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