CannaNative Exhibit New Line And Host Event For Tribal Leaders

CannaNative, an organization whose goal is to help tribes develop hemp and cannabis-based economies, has created a new line of products for the Native American market, and it will be on display at the largest Native American gathering in the U.S.

The company’s new line includes health and wellness products made with CBD and produced by Medical Marijuana, Inc. According to a CannaNative press release, it will be distributed to tribal wellness centres on reservations as well as to Indigenous doctor’s offices, dispensaries and pharmacies.

CannaNative’s founders and CEO will also host an event on Aug. 20 to share information with tribal leaders on how they can learn about cannabis, and how they can best start their own cannabis-based businesses.

"We're honored to be attending the 98th Annual Crow Fair and thank the Black Eagle family for hosting and providing us with this unique opportunity to discuss with tribal leaders and members from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains about the advantages of cannabis restoration by sovereign nations," CannaNative's co-founder and CEO Anthony Rivera said in a release.

"We'll be talking to tribal leaders at this historic event about how they can focus on building their nations with sustainable cannabis-based solutions, as well as protect tribal sovereignty through strict regulations and collaboration with legal authorities."

The line is currently on exhibit, as of Aug. 17 and through until Aug. 21, at the 98th annual Crow Fair in Crow Agency, Montana.

Banner Image: Indian teepee beneath blue sky and cumulus clouds at Crow Agency Reservation. (


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