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If It Works For Your Coffee, It Could Work For Your Cannabis

CannaCloud, a patent-pending vaporizer by CannaKorp, exemplifies precisely the sort of design we should to get used to seeing as cannabis consumption shifts toward mainstream mechanization.

It works like this: users load the CannaCloud, a plastic device resembling a kitchen gadget, with little, plastic "CannaCloudCups" filled with pre-ground, lab-tested strains: it then heats the herb to vaporizing temperature with the press of a button. Users simply wait until the display screen indicates they can take a hit, then dispose of the cup after the session.

If all of this sounds suspiciously like another delivery mechanism for another widely-socially-acceptable drug, it should: CannaKorp CEO, Dave Manly retired as the senior vice president of Keurig in 2014.

In fact, CannaCloud is so slick, you could theoretically get high daily without actually have to touch the plant you're consuming. Heck, you don't even need to look at the plant, if you don't want to. The company says this is a selling feature for the market they're after: "Insert our pods with no grinding, no rolling, no touching. Everything is ready to go within 60 seconds."

Manly said there appears to be demand for this kind of product, just as there was for the Keurig when it was introduced. In an interview with The Boston Globe, he said there was an enthusiastic response at a focus group. was a longtime vice president at Keurig Green Mountain Inc. before retiring in 2014 and linking up with Bourque.

"People said, 'Oh my God, how fast can I have one of those?' Which is exactly what people said when they saw the Keurig," said Manly.

It also has the same potential downsides - especially if you subscribe to the criticism of these pod systems burying the planet with impossible-to-recycle plastic coffee pods.

Plus, this concept vaporizer - when and if it makes it past the development phase - locks users into buying trademarked "CannaCloudCups" instead of whole-plant cannabis, the latter of which some would argue, is a little more satisfying - if also a little more work.


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