Watch: The Denver Post Blazes A New Trail In Cannabis Journalism

If you love both cannabis and journalism - and, over here at Civilized, we definitely do - add Rolling Papers to your must-watch list. The new documentary by 33-year-old Denver filmmaker Mitch Dickman traces the first year of legalization in Colorado through the eyes of journalists covering the movement. It's a snapshot of both the birth of legal cannabis culture in Denver, and the ins and outs of daily newspaper reporting in an increasingly competitive industry.

Dickman tells Civilized the film was meant to capture a "seminal moment" in North American history.

"I think old school docs make a point, then spend 90 minutes trying to get you to prove it or make you believe it. We're not trying to say whether it should be legal or not: what we do have is this moment in which journalism is trying to reinvent itself, and at the same time as legalization is happening, which has never happened before."

The film follows a range of people in the cannabis movement, from Ricardo Baca, the world's first marijuana editor, to straight-laced staff writers, to families and individuals hoping to benefit from legalization.

Rolling Papers opens in 25 cities across Colorado on Feb. 19. For those outside Colorado, it'll be available the same day online, on platforms including iTunes and Google Play. Check out the trailer below.


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