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Is Cannabis the World's Biggest Cash Crop?

When you think of the biggest crops in the world, what do you think of? Probably corn, wheat and soybeans. And while those are some of the most popular crops in the world, that doesn't mean they make the most money. 

The website "Information is Beautiful" produces tons of super interesting and informative charts and graphs about the world we live in. They recently published one called "What is the World's Biggest Cash Crop," which explored what were some of the most grown plants in the world, as well as some of the most profitable. Here's a look at the chart:

world biggest cash crop

As you can see, wheat, corn, rice and soybeans were the most planted in terms of area harvested, and they also generated a lot of revenue. Sugar cane topped the list in terms of most tons produced every year.

But cannabis is king in terms of profits. Not only does it generate more revenue than every other crop on the list, it also produces more money per square kilometer than any other, including cocaine and opium. Marijuana makes nearly $48 million per square kilometer, compared to only $38 million for cocaine. Maybe Pablo Escobar was in the wrong business...

There's no avocados on this list, however. That has to be high on the list. You can't go into any cool or trendy restaurant in the world without finding 75 expensive menu items with avocados on them. Avocados are to the 2010s what cocaine was to the 1980s. 

Check out for more awesome graphs, including a breakdown of how real movies based on true stories are and a chart showing how long it took the world to adopt the ideas of scientists who were mocked while alive.  


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