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Some Cannabis With Your Coffee? Pop These Infused Pods Into Your Keurig

If the only thing you love (or need) more than caffeine is cannabis, a San Diego-based company is aiming to make your daily rituals a whole lot simpler.

BrewBudz is preparing to release a line of THC- and CBD-infused coffee, tea and cocoa in the form of 100 percent compostable Keurig-compatible cups.

“[Caffeine and cannabis] are two things in people’s lives that are rituals - especially for medical cannabis users,” BrewBudz vice-president and director of sales Jeffry Paul told Civilized.

“[With BrewBudz], you can get up in the morning and take your medicine and your coffee together, and that’s the beautiful thing about it.”

BrewBudz pods, which are set to be released in select markets in the new year, will contain a range of THC and CBD doses. According to Paul, caffeinated coffee and breakfast tea pods will come infused with 10mg, 25mg or 50mg of sativa cannabis “that gives people a lift.”

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The decaffeinated coffee and night-time tea pods will contain the same levels of indica flower, and will “help people relax and sleep.” All varieties, which Paul calls a healthier alternative to the countless cannabis edibles on the market nowadays, can be activated using Keurig coffee machines. 

The inherent discretionary nature of something like cannabis-infused coffee, tea or cocoa makes BrewBudz an attractive option for those who don’t wish to put their cannabis consumption on prominent display, said Paul.

“You could be sitting there drinking your [BrewBudz] coffee or tea around your church group, or simply around anyone who doesn’t consume marijuana, and there’s nothing obvious or offensive about it,” said Paul. “It’s discrete, it’s of quality, it’s wonderful.”

BrewBudz will launch its first round of products in Nevada and Colorado come January, with plans to expand into California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona in the following months. Individual pods are expected to cost in the range of $7.

“We figure by the end of April we should have the rest of the states rolled out,” said Paul. “We imagine most of the dispensaries will carry them.”


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