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5 Ways Cannabis Can Make Weddings More Awesome

While weddings are (or should be) a celebration of love, first and foremost - let's face it. Everyone's secretly hoping it'll be, at the very least, a party that's not totally painful to attend.

The best weddings are fun and free-flowing, not stuffy or formulaic. They incorporate the favourite foods, colours, tunes, and nutty family dynamics that make the couple unique.

If it's the personal touches and the nods to the couple's shared life together that make a wedding great - why not include cannabis in all this? Whether you work in the industry, met in an Amsterdam coffeeshop, or just wanna celebrate your passion for the plant as well as your partner - here are some tasteful ways to make cannabis part of the big day.

1. The Flowers

Buds and bouquets: an obvious pairing. Bouquets with subtle touches of greenery impart an edgy playfulness while retaining classic aesthetic appeal. Older, more conservative relatives don't have to know that's a strategically-placed fan leaf - and other, savvier guests will be scrambling to catch the bouquet. As a bonus, the photos will still look super hip in 15 years, when the kids are asking about the dark days before cannabis became legalized everywhere in North America.

2. The Favours

Bottle of sub-par home-brew with a tacky custom label? So 2000. What about a pack of handmade infused truffles or French macarons? Who wouldn't appreciate a gift bag that includes a cute little mini-J rolled in Shine papers? For those who want a less in-your-face (and more cost-effective) cannabis-friendly favour, there are souvenir candy jars which creative guests can re-purpose as they see fit. In the same vein, sweet personalized candies can satisfy the post-wedding munchies.

3. The Photos

Obviously, depending on location, it could be a stupid move to literally capture cannabis consumption digitally for posterity. Fortunately - from rolling green fields, sky-high drone shots, to sparklers, there are plenty of ways to incorporate chilled-out, magical vibes into wedding photography without necessarily providing evidence for the feds. Talk with your photographer about what you'd like to see - and make sure they know of any areas that are off-limits. There are some photographers, like South Florida-based Parsiflora Photography, who specifically advertise their willingness to capture cannabis-friendly events.

4. The Fête

Think of the open bar tragedies you're witnessed: humiliating drunk uncles. Blacked-out bridesmaids doing lap-dances. A clearly-marked, adults-only, cannabis-friendly area at the reception ensures there's a way to get loose without getting sloppy - and that those who partake, rather than drink, don't feel like second-class citizens. Those who disapprove can politely butt out.

5. The Feeling

Weddings can be grindingly, notoriously stressful, transforming even the most typically-levelheaded and chill family into Bride- and Groom-zillas. You know what kills materialistic obsessing and nit-picking dead in its tracks? Partaking a little bit yourself. Just try to stress out about seating arrangements after a few judicious vape hits. A cannabis-friendly approach to the big day ensures the vibe stays chilled out and low-pressure - which is, at the end of the day, the most fun for everyone.

Banner Image: Shutterstock / Alex Gukalov


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