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Cannabis As A Treatment for Alcoholism

It takes courage to face an alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, for those who have been dependant on alcohol day in and day out for years, attempting to quit cold turkey or taper off can hold potentially fatal consequences. After years of usage the body develops a dependency on alcohol, Fortunately, a 2014 study published in The Journal of Neuroscience has found that chronic alcoholics could have a smoother recovery process through the use of cannabis. 

Cannabinoids, the primary healing compounds found in cannabis, work as a neuroprotective shield, allowing the substance to infiltrate the part of the brain damaged by the withdrawal process. As a result, cravings are dramatically reduced, giving the alcoholic a stronger chance of recovery. 

While some health experts have shown concern that such treatment is simply replacing one habit with another, those living with alcohol addiction view cannabis as the more manageable, and less harmful, option. The U.S government has published statistics showing that alcohol is responsible for nearly 88,000 deaths in the country each year, where there has yet to be any casualties reported as a result of cannabis usage. 

The choice to use cannabis in place of alcohol use also shows a rapid decrease in organ damage, like the kidney and liver. While there may be some concern over the dependency that can form from cannabis use, cannabis does not affect the liver, damage brain cells, or permanently damage necessary organs. 

Thanks to the many studies on the benefits of cannabis, and how it is a significantly less dangerous substance when compared to alcohol, a number of states have come forward and granted residents struggling with alcoholism the right to seek out cannabis as a treatment option. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, and are interested in cannabis as a treatment option, check your state’s listing of qualifying conditions for medicinal cannabis to see if it is available.


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