Cannabis Tour Buses Are Legal In Colorado. So Why Are Some Getting Fined?

Last week, the passengers and drivers of two different cannabis tour buses in Denver received citations from undercover police officer. But since these businesses are legal in Colorado, the fines have left some people scratching their heads.

Cannabis tour bus operators in Colorado have some strict guidelines to follow. One of them being that they can't take the buses in public spaces. The rules around what constitutes public and private spaces, however, are not clearly defined and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis according to Department of Excise and Licensing spokesman Eric Escudero.

This means that when a cannabis bus is rented for a private function, say a birthday party, the people in attendance can consume cannabis while the bus is in operation. Once the bus stops to pick up passengers not associated with the event they have crossed in to public space, and this is where the trouble begins.

The reason the buses received citations in Denver was likely because they stopped to pick someone up after cannabis consumption had already begun on board. So, if you're planning a 4/20 bus tour in Colorado, we recommend keeping a strict 'no late parties allowed' policy.

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