This New Spray Is Specially Designed To Remove The Odor Of Cannabis

Cannabis consumers who love weed but hate the smell should check out LUKY8 - a new odor-eliminator specifically designed to eradicate the smell of cannabis. Prelam Enterprises - the New Brunswick-based company behind Just’a Drop bathroom spray - have launched LUKY8 to coincide with cannabis legalization in Canada. 

"Well, it hit me just about a month and a half ago," Prelam Co-Founder Luc Jalbert told CBC. "[After] reading in the news about how the industry is going to be great for Canada, I started to think, I’ve been in the odor-control industry for 15 years, and I know what cannabis smells like—it’s very particular. It hit me that cannabis consumers will need something to give them privacy."

Despite that timeline, Jalbert and his team managed to get LUKY8 ready in time for legalization.

"We tested for two weeks, then—eureka, we had a formula that really knocked out the molecules."

Jalbert says that it takes just a few sprays to rid the smell of cannabis from an area. He specified that this was not just an air freshener or a smell masker, but a true odor eliminator because it actually encapsulates the molecule that creates the smell and takes it out.

Some might say this device would have been more appealing to customers in the days of cannabis prohibition, but for Jalbert, it was very much a response to the burgeoning legal market—a product intended to go “hand in hand” with legalization.

"I figured cannabis consumers will need something to give them privacy."

For many, privacy is crucial. A recent poll conducted by Civilized and PSB Research found that 70 percent of cannabis consumers hide their use from their family, and 14 percent hide it from their friends. 

To help consumers maintain privacy, the spray's intended use is mentioned on the box but not on the bottle, so nosy visitors won't know exactly what it's for if they find it in your cupboards.

"After they use cannabis, they don’t have to advertise it," Jalbert noted.

LUKY8 is available in the 220 ml format, a 50 ml bottle or the pocket-sized 4 ml spray. You can find more information on the product here.


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