You know that super mellow, chilled out feeling you get after smoking a bowl?

Turns out your sperm may be feeling it, too.

A new study claims that men who smoke too much could face fertility problems as cannabis causes sperm to become “mellow” and to “swim in circles.”

Lead study author Dr. Victor Chow of the University of British Columbia said cannabis likely has a negative impact not only on sperm count, but on sperm function and motility, as well.

“The weight of the evidence is that marijuana does affect sperm counts,” said Chow, adding that while occasional cannabis consumption likely won’t do much damage, among “heavy users it will definitely affect the quality of the sperm.”

Marijuana’s impact on male fertility is weighty, said Chow, because “sperm is a very rapidly turning over cell” – meaning heavy cannabis use can have an immediate effect on sperm production because the male body makes new sperm roughly every three months.

Past research has shown that cannabis can impact fertility by slashing sperm count.

h/t National Post