Cannabis Should Be Regulated Like Alcohol, Say Half Of Ontarians

A new poll has found that 50 percent of Ontarians more-or-less side with their government in thinking recreational cannabis should be regulated like alcohol.

Forum Research surveyed 801 people across Ontario via interactive voice response telephone calls and found that half want the government to treat cannabis like booze.

The Ontario government recently revealed that it would limit the sale and distribution of cannabis to 150 government-run standalone stores. The province already manages the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s retail chain, which has a 660-store monopoly on spirit sales. 

“It seems the government’s marijuana plan may be on point,” said Forum president Lorne Bozinoff.

Roughly a third of those polled – 32 percent – said they believe cannabis should be regulated like tobacco, which is largely available through private retail in Canada. Another 18 percent of respondents said they didn’t know.

When it comes to the question of cannabis pricing – the Ontario government has indicated that legal cannabis will sell at $10 a gram – 27 percent of respondents said it’s “reasonable” while 17 percent called it “unreasonable” and 55 percent were unsure.

Of the 106 respondents who claimed to be regular cannabis users, however, 59 percent claimed $10 a gram is “reasonable”, 28 percent deemed it “unreasonable” and 13 percent were not sure.

“Those consumers think that the rumoured price of $10 per gram is pretty good,” said Bozinoff.

This survey comes just weeks after a Campaign Research poll found that more than half of Ontarians backed the government’s plan to sell cannabis exclusively through government-run stores and a website.

h/t Toronto Star


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