Cannabis Prohibition is Over, Welcome to the Hempire

Ten years ago we set out to become the first plant-touching publicly traded cannabis company in the US.  Navigating through the Green Rush has come with no shortage of challenges – from being robbed at gunpoint to ever changing regulation it hasn’t been an easy road!  We turned our passion for ending modern day prohibition into a Hempire.  Cannabis is not just bongs and ziploc baggies anymore, in a world where you can trust your legal cannabis more than your food our efforts to legalize have created a movement.  It is time to Blüm FREELY.

This is our HEMPIRE.


With northern California's renowned cannabis festival, the Emerald Cup coming up next month, we're reflecting on all the fun we had last year with cannabis influencer Elise McRoberts interviewing Herbie Herbert, a former Santana roadie and manger for Journey, as well as Steve Parish, who managed the Jerry Garcia Band and went on the road with the Grateful Dead. Back int he day, bands touring the world had to smuggle their cannabis into Europe and other foreign countries. Traveling with equipment and other gear, roadies would have to find secret places to hide the stash.

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