Cannabis Predictions 2017: It's The Year of Canna-Beer

Olivia Alexander knows a thing or two about cannabis. She founded The Crystal Cult, a luxury brand that makes vaporizers and cannabis accessories targeted to women, and launched The Third Eye Agency, a cannabis-centric social media agency.

So we asked Olivia to stop by the Civilized offices and tell us what she saw as the big trends in cannabis in 2017. Here's one of her sneak previews. Expect to find lots of cannabis-infused beer on the shelves this year. 


We can pretty much guarantee that consuming cannabis on Mars would be a hell of a lot different than smoking up on Earth. OK, so we know from science experts like Neil deGrasse Tyson that smoking weed in space probably isn't a very good idea. Space exploration is an incredibly complex and difficult process, so you definitely don't want to accidentally mess something up just because you got too high.

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