Cannabis Prank Lands 5 People in the Hospital

Five people attending a family birthday party in Australia were admitted to hospital after eating a cake that a "prankster" sprinkled with cannabis-infused chocolates. The incident soon turned what was supposed to be an enjoyable get-together into a family crisis. 

As one family member—who choose to stay anonymous—said, "everyone was having a lovely time" at the event until the aftermath of eating the medicated cake.

"It tuns out that the chocolate chunks [on the cake] contained marijuana," the woman told 3AW, noting that she was unaware of this fact until hours after the effects had kicked in.

Several other guests experienced severe vomiting, and some even would up going to the hospital, including two elderly parents who had to leave the party in an ambulance. One case was especially dangerous because of an undiagnosed cannabis allergy. 

"Within an hour I was experiencing throat swelling and dizziness," the woman added. "Within three hours, myself and four other family members were hospitalized with overdose. I was treated for anaphylaxis with adrenaline. Apparently I'm allergic to cannabis."

She added that none of those dire consequences were intended by the culprit.

"This was a prank by one of the family members who thought he would liven up the family birthday party."

The partygoers were caught off-guard by the stunt because recreational cannabis consumption remains illegal in Australia, but even if that wasn't the case, drugging people without their knowledge is never okay. Hopefully this incident serves a lesson for people who are thinking about giving someone cannabis without their knowledge as a 'prank.' Unintentional consumption can lead to very uncomfortable experiences, and cannabis allergies are a very real thing and shouldn't be taken lightly either.

Just because cannabis is a relatively safe drug does not mean you can give it to people without their express consent.


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