Could This Unconventional Use For Cannabis Be The Ultimate In Relaxation?

It's a match made in heaven: the luxurious, de-stressing boost of a deep-tissue massage, combined with the naturally-chilled out effects of cannabis.

An increasing number of spas in legal states are waking up to the relaxation-boosting properties of infused oils used in combination with traditional Swedish and deep-tissue massages. Rian Gufarotti and Zebrina Piper, co-founders of Natural Therapeutics Cannabis Infused Massage Club in Colorado, decided to start offering cannabis-infused massages after trying one in Denver.

"I was able to melt a lot quicker and relax deeper and my muscles were worked. I felt great," said Rian Gufarotti.

For their massage club, they created a solar-infused cannabis oil with lavender, cayenne pepper, calendula, wintergreen and arnica. The finished product is a high-CBD, less-than-5-percent THC oil which they say helps with pain relief, inflammation and increased immune system function.

Guffaroti says it's even better than a regular massage, especially for those who find themselves perpetually tense, or who have especially tender muscles.

Relaxation junkies may well wonder: does a cannabis rub-down actually get you high? The answer is: sort of. The low-THC content means the effects are largely psychosomatic, and probably similar to the full-body glow anyone feels after a great massage.

"I didn't get baked, but I felt something between a runner's high and post-coital bliss," writes Meirav Devash of Allure, "along with the certainty that massage and marijuana go together like peanut butter and chocolate."

h/t The Gazette


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