Cannabis Will Be Available For Purchase In Existing Nova Scotia Liquor Stores

In a first for Canadian cannabis regulations, the Government of Nova Scotia has announced that cannabis will be available for purchase at existing Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) stores.

Government officials made the announcement on Thursday morning following the release of findings from a survey of Nova Scotians.

"The NSLC has the experience and expertise to distribute and sell restricted products like alcohol and now cannabis in a socially responsible way," said Justice Minister Mark Furey.

"We believe the NSLC is best positioned to sell cannabis, keeping it out of the hands of young people and making it legally available in a safe, regulated way."

Furey did not confirm how many NSLC stores will carry cannabis, but did say people will have the option of ordering cannabis online.

Officials also announced that the minimum age for purchasing and consuming cannabis within the province will be 19. People will be allowed to have up to 30 grams for personal consumption, and will be permitted to grow up to four plants per household.

These guidelines were developed with input from more than 31,000 survey participants and 149 focus group members, government officials said.

Nova Scotia is the first province to commit to selling cannabis within existing liquor stores once recreational cannabis legalization rolls out across Canada next summer. 

h/t CBC News


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