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Cannabis NB Nominated for Two Excellence in Retailing Awards

Cannabis NB - New Brunswick's provincially owned chain of cannabis retailers - has been nominated for a pair of prestigious retail awards. The Retail Council of Canada recently announced that Cannabis NB is in the running for two Excellence in Retailing Awards: one for 'In-Store Experience and Design' and another for 'Talent Development.' The announcement shows that New Brunswick isn't just a leader in Canada's legal cannabis industry, but also in retail more generally. 

It's certainly no surprise Cannabis NB was nominated in 'In-Store Experience and Design' category, given the beautiful design and layout of their stores, which are bright, clean and eye-catching.

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On top of that, the nomination for the 'Talent Development' category serves as a nice nod towards the work Cannabis NB has invested in building a strong team.

However, Cannabis NB faces some stiff competition from other nominees. In the 'In-Store Experience and Design' category, the provincial marijuana retailer is going up against such globally recognized brands as Canada Goose, whose stores famously feature giant walk-in freezers so you can test out just how warm their jackets are.

And Cannabis NB isn't the only licensed marijuana seller to be nominated for awards either. Cannabis NB has been pitted against the popular Alberta-based cannabis retailer Fire & Flower in both categories.

But regardless of the outcome, seeing these two retail chains nominated is a huge win for cannabis culture as it continues fighting to break down barriers and become part of mainstream culture. 

The Excellence in Retailing Awards are handed out every year by the Retail Council of Canada and are aimed at "honoring the very best in retail innovation and creativity." For more on the awards, click here.


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