Here's Why You Should Play Music For Your Cannabis Plants

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - who would've turned 260 today - did not smoke cannabis. Billiards, freemasonry and scatalogical humor were his preferred recreations. But the celebrated classical composer has made a mark on cannabis culture through his music. It turns out that the buds you're puffing may have been raised on the composer's hits.

Growers like Matthew Lopez - the Lead Cultivator for Denver's Northern Lights dispensary - told Civilized classical music is instrumental in his work:

"It's my belief that plants respond to ultrasonic stimulation," he says. "And I have seen my plants grow better when I play certain types of music for them."

Plants enjoy classical music and heavy metal too

Those tunes include Johnny Cash, Bob Marley and Mozart: "Honestly, I haven't really seen them respond negatively to any music. I've seen that they do tend to enjoy metal and classical. Something about those two types make them grow more."

And Lopez says those tunes also help his buds pack more of a punch: "My THC levels have gone way up compared to what they used to be" before using music.

It might sound implausible to some, but the idea that music could help plant development has been around for a while. Jennifer Van Evra of CBC Music says the idea dates back to 1848, when German professor Gustav Fechner published Soul-life of Plants. Since then, scientists have debated the issue without coming to a conclusion. The Mythbusters, for example, concluded that the theory is "plausible", based on their tests.

But Lopez says that most growers put the theory in practice: "It's pretty common for most grow places to play music. Most grow houses have good sized speakers and good sound systems."

And classical seems to make a big difference.

Elias Tempton - a grower for Sticky Buds in Denver - told Westword:

"I've read that classical music has been shown to inexplicably stimulate growth in plants. My own personal opinion I think that it really comes down to: plants are more sensitive to your emotional state, your personal emotional state and there's just something extremely special about classical music. It's very calming, stilling."

Matthew Lopez says his tracklist includes Mozart's Sonatas 11, 16 and 21. But his plants really raise the roof for Beethoven's "Für Elise" and "Moonlight Sonata."

"Normally the plant's leaves will stay a certain height and level out," says Lopez. "But if I play certain Beethoven tracks, they stand toward the ceiling more."

But since it's Mozart's birthday, we'll let you and your plant groove to the Turkish March from Sonata 11:

h/t CBC Music, WQXR, Westword


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