Cannabis Museum Opens in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its famous casinos, nightclubs and other...uh..."adult" entertainment spots. But now the popular tourist spot can add a cannabis museum to its list of sights.

Today the Cannabition Cannabis Museum opened in Las Vegas, Nevada. The purpose of the museum is to destigmatize marijuana use for the general public, according to founder of the attraction.

“Our goal when people come out of this is that they don’t fear the cannabis industry if they are not believers in the industry,” founder J.J. Walker told the press. “Cannabition is not about just serving people that like marijuana, it’s about serving the masses that want to learn about cannabis and or just have fun and go do a cool art experience.”

Nevada legalized recreational marijuana last year, although they still do not allow social consumption licenses, so unfortunately you won't be able to get high while walking next to the giant glass bong.

The museum isn't entirely educational, as you might've guessed from the reference to the glass bong. A lot of exhibits are meant for people to take selfies and post pictures on social media, but there are also graphics and guides throughout that give a history of cannabis and share important information about it.

While there is no marijuana use on site, you will still need to be 21 or older to enter the museum.

Sounds like a good way to spend your time between losing all your money in the casino and waiting in line to get into an overpriced nightclub.

(h/t Time)


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