Cannabis May Be Sold In Up To 25 Stores Across New Brunswick, Canada

Cannabis may be sold in 20 to 25 stores across the province of New Brunswick in Canada once the federal government officially legalizes the drug next summer, according to the region’s Select Committee on Cannabis.

The Liberal politician heading the committee, Benoit Bourque, told the Telegraph-Journal that this could very well be how legalization rolls out in New Brunswick if a Crown corporation retail model to sell cannabis goes ahead as proposed.

The committee will be travelling across the province in coming days to poll the public on recreational cannabis legalization, which the Trudeau government has vowed to introduce in July of 2018.

A separate internal government group comprised of senior bureaucrats, however, is currently ironing out the details of a proposed cannabis retail model that would be operated by a Crown corporation, Bourque said. This comes in light of recommendations from that group of officials – hailing from the departments of Justice and Public Safety, Health, Finance, as well as NB Liquor and Opportunities NB – that cannabis be sold only by a Crown corporation when it becomes legal.

“If the current model would go ahead as proposed by the working group, we would be talking between 20 and 25 stores across the province,” Bourque told the Telegraph-Journal, adding that the stores would be dispersed evenly across the province to ensure access for as many New Brunswickers as possible.

The Liberal Premier of New Brunswick, Brian Gallant, has expressed confidence in the "extreme growth potential" of the cannabis industry in the province. 

h/t Telegraph-Journal


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