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DeAngelo Releases The Cannabis Manifesto

The Cannabis Manifesto is the latest from legal-weed poster child Steve DeAngelo. Although it just hit North American stores this week, it's already being hailed by Johnny Green of The Weed Blog as "one of the most influential cannabis books of all time."

In the Manifesto, DeAngelo traces the intersecting worlds of cannabis activism, and cannabis industry - two spheres often treated as separate entitles. It also discusses the role cannabis businesses play in shaping public perceptions of the industry, and the importance of social entrepreneurship.

DeAngelo - an advocate and activist for the past 4 decades - has been featured by CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, AP, NPR, the BBC, and more.

Civilized is pleased to share a launch day with The Cannabis Manifesto (both were launched Sept. 22!). We also look forward to reading the book. Review to come.

You can order DeAngelo's book here.

h/t The Weed Blog


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