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"Our Intention Is To Build A Non-Partisan Cannabis Event": Inside The Cannabis Life Conference Vancouver

With cannabis legalization on the horizon for Canadians (and a reality for some Americans), the spotlight on cannabis has never been brighter. So how do you make your cannabis conference stand out? For Jay Martin, it's simple.

"There’s a lot of interest in the cannabis industry and a lot of agendas," says Martin, the CEO of Cambridge House, the organization putting on the Cannabis Life Conference. "Our intention is to build a non-partisan cannabis event. We’re not arguing for one political agenda over another; our goal is to provide comprehensive information so consumers can make safe decisions."

This approach has already led to a successful conference earlier this year in Toronto. That weekend, Martin notes, in addition to the expected attendees - "entrepreneurs who are building businesses, individuals who have been consuming cannabis for ten, twenty years” - there was a new demographic present. Some ten percent of conference-goers had never tried a cannabis product before, and were simply "cannabis curious". "That’s the market we’re trying to reach," Martin says.

Fittingly, the Cannabis Life Conference Vancouver offers a "broad overview of the industry" and the "opportunities and options available." There will be panels on everything from 'Lifestyle and Creativity' and 'Pets & Cannabis', to 'Exercise & Recovery' and 'Let's Talk Sex'. 

Of particular note will be the panel called 'Am I Illegal?', which aims to inform “people [who] are struggling to understand what’s okay and what’s not” due to changing and unclear laws. The panel features cannabis activists Dana Larsen, Jodie Emery, Rob Laurie and Freddie Pritchard, and will be moderated by Craig Ex.

So whether you're a cannabis connoisseur, or a total newbie to the industry, there's something for you at the Cannabis Life Conference Vancouver. During our conversation, Martin mentioned that "our goal is to remove the stigma from the cannabis industry". From the looks of things, they're on the right track. 

The Cannabis Life Conference takes place July 7-8 at The Westin Bayshore in Vancouver. Follow on social media with the hashtag #CannaLifeConf. Derek Riedle, publisher of Civilized, will be speaking at the Lifestyle and Creativity panel on Saturday, July 8th at 4:30pm PST.


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