Investment in the Cannabis Industry Is Up 600 Percent in 2018

Many people who love cannabis are worried about how Attorney General Jeff Sessions will affect the industry. But apparently no one's shared those worries with investors.

A new report found that investment in the cannabis industry is up an incredible 600 percent in 2018. According to Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker, there was $1.23 billion of investment in the first five weeks of 2018. There was only $178 million raised in the first five weeks of 2017. Perhaps even more incredibly, that $1.23 billion raised the first five weeks of 2018 is more than the industry raised throughout the entirety of 2016.

Obviously, investors are seeing the appeal of the "Green Rush" as more and more states legalize marijuana, including California at the beginning of 2018 and Massachusetts this upcoming summer. With more places where the drug's legal, that means more customers, and more money for investors.

Clearly this information shows how quickly the industry is growing, and that the possibilities for growth may be even greater than previously thought.

Take that, Sessions!

(h/t Entrepreneur)


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