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Is This Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream The Ideal Introduction To Edibles?

You probably haven’t had a bad experience involving ice cream (assuming you’re not lactose intolerant or a monster.)

This is the simple philosophy that inspired Drip, the THC-infused ice cream created by Andi Bixel of Portland, Oregon.

Bixel first conceived of the idea about three years ago, and she says it “instantly became more than just weed and ice cream.”

“It was this product that nobody had ever seen or tried before, so people were really open to having a new experience with it,” Bixel tells Civilized.

Bixel believes the edible’s novel nature – along with ice cream's longstanding reputation as a fun, shareable treat – are partly what’ve made Drip such a smashing success.

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“I realized while making that first [batch of cannabis ice cream] with my friends that we were all [on board] to take this pretty cool journey together; if I would’ve made something like brownies, people probably would’ve been more hesitant to try” since many people have had a bad experience with pot brownies, Bixel says.

She sees this as Drip’s “sweet spot – no pun intended.”

“I’m creating these products that aren’t intimidating to people because they’ve never had a bad experience with something as friendly and familiar as ice cream,” she says.

“We associate ice cream with joy, as a tool for celebration or to make us feel better if we’re feeling upset. It’s a comfort food, so it’s already sending us toward this line of positivity.”

This focus on setting people up for a good experience with cannabis is something Bixel believes many edibles manufacturers in the ever-expanding industry seem to have forgotten.

“I feel like something that’s sort of gotten skipped over in this rollout of legal cannabis is the fact that this is a mind-altering substance that we’re using. It can actually send us on a trip to somewhere we typically can’t get to on our own,” she says. “I think it’s really important from the moment we’re getting started to think: how are we introducing to ourselves this journey we’re about to go on?”

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Each tub of Drip ice cream – either Salted Caramel or Cookies & Cream-flavored – is packed with 10 milligrams of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD. Bixel says this composition makes Drip perfect for the first-time cannabis user, which is her target audience.

“My target is someone who’s new to cannabis, who’s interested in dabbling. With Drip, you can have just a little bit and feel satisfied without worrying it’s going to be too much,” she says, adding that the tubs are perfect for sharing with a friend. “We’re setting up anybody for success with their edible trip.”

Drip ice cream is available in roughly 100 dispensaries across Oregon – wherever Bixel has sold a miniature Drip-branded freezer.

Her company, Drip Sweets, recently expanded its offerings to include ‘Luxury Gems’, which are little cannabis-infused hard candies shaped like precious stones. They were created, says Bixel, in the interest of offering “sweets that are special” to cannabis consumers – just like her flagship ice cream.


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