Cannabis Icon Jeff Bridges Wins Cecil B. DeMille Award

Hollywood is rolling out the red carpet for 'The Dude' this weekend. During Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, actor Jeff Bridges - who is perhaps best know for playing 'The Dude' in Joel and Ethan Coen's classic stoner comedy 'The Big Lebowski' - will receive the illustrious Cecil B. DeMille Award for "outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment." 

Over his 60+ year career, Bridges has played everything from a quirky alien in John Carpenter's 'Starman' to an alcoholic country singer in Scott Cooper's 'Crazy Heart.' But to cannabis consumers, he will always be 'The Dude,' the pathologically laidback bowling lover who only needs a joint, a White Russian and a clean rug to be happy. The film has become so popular over the years that Bridges' character has become the figurehead of 'Dudeism,' which proudly proclaims itself to be "the slowest growing religion in the world."

On top of the Cecil B. DeMille Award, Bridges has won an Academy Award (and received another six nominations from 1972 through 2017), a Golden Globe and over a dozen other accolades from various award groups, critics associations and film festivals. That makes Bridges one of the most celebrated cannabis icons of all time. 

And don't be surprised if Bridges dusts off a few quotes from 'The Big Lebowski' during the ceremony. The celebrated actor has been known to throw around a few of The Dude's sayings at special events, including his 2017 tribute to John Goodman.


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