The Cannabis Guide for Golfers

While seemingly disparate activities, cannabis and golf go much better together than some may have thought. At Canna Botanicals in Big Sur, California, nearby the world renowned Pebble Beach golf destination, golfers have taken to the cannabis plant to enhance their game and find physical relief.

Among the most sought after products for golfers include topicals (great for loosening up before a game or winding down after one), vaporizers (a discrete option for consuming while you're on the course), and the Cannagar, a 19th hole favorite.

Whether you're looking to loosen up and relax your muscles, or increase the fun and focus on the course, cannabis can be the ultimate pick-me-up for your golf game.


Few other entrepreneurs in the cannabis space have their hands in quite as many ventures as Lorne Gertner. Currently dubbed the "godfather of the Canadian cannabis industry," Gertner told Civilized, "If we could live through normalization, we could change the world." Hailing from the fashion industry, this Toronto native says he's on a mission to "make the world a better place through cannabis and design excellence." The only catch is, well, normalizing cannabis — and that's where Gertner's keen eye for style comes in. "In the old days, you were going to be different or you were going to be normal," said Thom Antonio, Gertner's friend, creative director, and collaborator of 35 years.

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