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This Cannabis-Friendly Meal Kit Service Sends Healthy Edible Ingredients To Your Door

The first step to making healthy cannabis edibles could soon be as simple as opening your front door – thanks to the efforts of one pioneering brother-sister duo in New York.

The Baking Supply Co. is billed as the “first-ever independent company delivering healthy baking kits” to American cannabis enthusiasts.

The service, which launched with an Indiegogo campaign last week, sends subscribers a monthly box of pre-portioned ingredients (excluding cannabis) for healthy, gluten- and refined sugar-free edibles.

Every box also includes a comprehensive recipe crafted to walk subscribers through the entire process: infusing, cooking, and storing their treats – which can be made with or without cannabis.

Think of it like Blue Apron – but for weed.

“It’s like Christmas once a month,” says co-founder Ali Francis, whose background is in agriculture.

Francis said the idea was partially inspired by her experience with endometriosis, a painful pelvic condition that forced her to completely change her diet several years ago. As a medical marijuana user whose preferred method of consumption was edibles, this posed a unique problem.

Ali Francis

“Within six months of eating less inflammatory foods – gluten, meat, dairy, etc. – I noticed a significant reduction in so many of my symptoms,” says Francis, who has used cannabis to treat symptoms like severe menstrual pain.

“That’s when I became really passionate about... combining health, delicious food and cannabis.”

Francis believes there are many people like her – edible enthusiasts afflicted with illnesses or ailments that necessitate healthy eating, that is – who would benefit from a service like The Baking Supply Co.

“It’s for people who are sick and using medical marijuana, or simply those who are trying to reduce refined sugar or [other unhealthy ingredients] from their diets,” she says.

“The thing that really warms my heart is the response we’re getting from people who thought gluten-free, sugar-free [cannabis edibles] would be disgusting... who are so happy they can eat something that tastes good and is so much better for them.”

The $40-per-month kits, which contain enough ingredients for roughly one set of edibles, “definitely don’t require you to have a professional chef by your side”, stresses Francis. The service’s demographic ranges “from 18-year-old boys to 65-year-old women.”

On its Indiegogo page, the company is aiming to raise a flexible goal of $22,000 by mid-September. In its first week, it raised roughly 32 percent of that.

“It feels good,” says Francis. “I get shivers when people connect with our mission like that, because that’s why we’re doing this: to provide those who need healthier options, or even those who don’t, with edible alternatives.”

Backers who support the campaign can receive unique perks like exclusive patches, recipes, a three-course herbal dinner catered for six diners, The Baking Supply Co. boxes and more.


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