Cannabis For Beginners - What's A Sativa?

It's been a long week at work. Your brain feels like mush, and you need something to help you get your second wind. Maybe it's time to reach for a sativa.

Sativa is one of the two major species of cannabis. Think of sativas as the energizing kind of weed. They're great for creativity, for heading out on the town or going on a nature walk. 

What are edibles? What's a budtender? What is CBD? How much should you consume? These are just of a few of the questions we answer in "Cannabis for Beginners." Follow our Youtube playlist for updates.


Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been on the forefront of health and beauty trends for the past couple years and is continuing to pop up everywhere as the market expands and continues to gain momentum. Previously sold by head shops, health food stores, or online retailers, CBD has dramatically entered the mainstream as a health or nutritional supplement, making a splash in the beauty industry as a skin care and cosmetics add-in, as well as in the food industry, garnishing mocktails or lattes for an extra couple bucks each. The health and beauty industries are wont to never miss out on a booming trend, and CBD is no exception.