Cannabis for Beginners: Can I Eat Raw Cannabis?

It's easy to make your own cannabis edibles at home, but it's not as easy as simply eating raw bud. That's because the cannabis flower needs to decarboxylate, or go through a process by which the THC becomes active in order for it to have a psychoactive effect. If you've never made edibles before, start with a "fire cracker": all you need is a little cannabis flower, peanut butter (or Nutella), graham crackers, and a baking sheet. But when it's ready, just be sure to wait at least two hours once you eat your first dose before trying more.


In the past few months, the stream of alarming news about the dangers of vaporizer cartridges has put some cannabis consumers on high alert. Since March, more than 2,000 people have gotten sick, and 40 people have died from illnesses related to vaping (VAPI, or vaping associated pulmonary injury). It is believed that the large majority of those who had become ill had used THC oil carts bought from illicit markets.

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