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Cannabis Fireside Chat Will Help Entrepreneurs in California's New Legalized Market

We're less than five months into California's newly legal recreational cannabis market, and businesses are still trying to understand the lay of the land. But an upcoming event aims to help entrepreneurs navigate these newly legal waters.

On June 13th, is hosting a fireside chat with Lori Ajax, Chief of California's Bureau of Cannabis Control, and Cat Packer, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulations. The discussion will revolve around understanding the current state of the cannabis industry in both Los Angeles and California, challenges facing businesses as well as what the future may hold.

Grassposts is a platform for cannabis businesses to easily find qualified suppliers or manufacturers for products they're working on. This fireside chat is an extension of those services. It helps connect cannabis entrepreneurs with two of the state's most important experts on the industry.

"Having the perspective of two of the most important people in the industry can provide really solid insight on how the government is looking at this," says Grassposts CEO Johnny Sayegh. "This event will help educate and bring awareness to how the early days of cannabis in California really sets the standard for the long term."

One of the big selling points for the fireside chat is intimacy. While cannabis entrepreneurs could see Ajax or Packer speak at other conventions, some of those events have thousands of attendees. Grassposts' fireside chat will only have around 200 people, which will allow for more networking opportunities with people in the industry as well as access to Ajax and Packer.

"It's an opportunity in an intimate setting to meet two of the most important individuals in the cannabis industry," says Sayegh. "You can go to a show with 10,000 people and struggle to get to talk to them. Or you can come to an event with 200 people a chance to get up close without having to compete with another 5,000, 6,000, potentially 15,000 people."

The fireside chat will begin with one hour of networking, followed by the actual one-hour discussion with Ajax and Packer, and will end with another hour networking session.

If you're interested in attending this event, head over to Grassposts' invitation to find out more.


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