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This Cannabis Expo Will Feature a 'High Seas' Yacht Party

When you think of parties involving marijuana, you probably imagine people just relaxing in a living room eating some snacks. Nothing too fancy. But if you go to an upcoming cannabis convention in Florida, you'll see a more luxurious marijuana party experience.

The 2018 U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo is taking place August 24th through the 26th in Miami, Florida. The convention is for members of the industry, investors or just anyone who likes cannabis to discuss about the benefits of marijuana as well as learn about different aspects of the business. The convention will feature your usual panels discussing marijuana and all the boring stuff we expect from expos, but there is one very exciting aspect of this convention.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the expo is hosting a "High Seas" yacht party onboard a 228 foot boat. The yacht has an open bar, six decks, tons of great food and music. Unfortunately, we don't think you'll actually be allowed to consume cannabis onboard, but maybe they'll end up taking the boat into international waters where everything is legal!

The purpose of the event is obviously to network with people in the industry and learn more about the business of cannabis. But it's also going to be on a yacht, so you know people are going to get freaky. Here's a preview of we think the yacht party will look like:


If you're interested in learning more about the expo, head over here.

(h/t Sun-Sentinel)


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