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Cannabis Etiquette Tips From Around The Web

Cannabis use still bares an unfair stigma, and although strides are being made, knowing how to incorporate it into social situations can be confusing and even daunting. We've gathered some etiquette tips from experienced advocates from around the web to help you put your best foot forward.

The perfect hostess gift

"Do you know for sure your host smokes pot? If they do, it's appropriate to bring as a gift. Remember: Since it's a gift, your host doesn't have to smoke it with you, or even that night. A small glass jar or a pre-rolled joint or two makes for a classic presentation," says Lizzie Post of the Emily Post Institute

Know your crowd

"You can feel where it's cool and where it's not. Like anything else, you want to use courtesy and awareness," says comedian Bill Maher.

Make them feel at ease

"I just keep a decorative bong on a shelf in my living room. If someone comments on it, then it opens up the conversation," says Rick Steves, PBS travel personality.

Be aware of your guests' sensitivities

"While you may enjoy the smell and taste of cannabis, you have to take into account that not everybody feels that way. You have to respect that. There is a smell to cannabis smoke, just like tobacco and more notably cigars," says Jane West of Women Grow.

Not too much...

"You know how you give a head's up to someone when you've mixed him or her a strong drink? Well, please apply the same reasoning to cannabis use. Not everyone in your circle is an experienced smoker, or vaper, or whatever, and it's not nice to accidentally knock their socks off," says Dank Slate editor-in-chief, Angelica Leicht.

Pass the dutchie to the left

The Colorado Pot Guide says what's commonly thought of as a catchy song lyric by reggae group Musical Youth is actually a very common rule in most smoke circles. The benefits of establishing a common direction of rotation during a session (typically clockwise), is especially helpful once a few rounds have been completed and people start forgetting things.

Keep it clean

"In the late 1990's I met the late great Jack Herer and bought a pipe from his booth. He explained to me - and made me even promise - that I would always keep my pieces clean. He stressed the importance of doing so because it ensured that my friends and I got the full flavor out of our hits. Don't be like me, be like Jack Herer, and always clean your pieces," says blogger Johnny Green.

Leave some green for everyone

"A green hit is when you smoke a pipe and light green herb as opposed to lighting into a pile of ash and carbon. If you hit a pipe lightly from the rim of the bowl you can leave additional green hits for others. This is always a polite gesture and proper weed etiquette," says cannabis website Mary Jane's Diary.

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